Sunday, 31 January 2016

The half an hour tidy workout!

Mum life tends to mean, 1079839 things to do and about 22 seconds to do so. The juggle is constant, and I frequently feel like I need to compromise on one thing in order to have another.

Its exhausting!

So the other day I devised a sneaky plan to try and conquer two things at once. I tried not to say it out loud, or mention the plan in case the mothering gods made sure it didn't happen. And my wonderful parents had Mr.3 for half an hour while Mr.8months slept and I set to work.

I call it,

The super sonic, 30minutes, super clean, super sweaty work out. 

Its got a nice ring to it, hey?

So, this is how my living area looked

Its looked better, and its looked worse. So I decided in my half an hour I would to a general tidy of these rooms, the kids rooms and the bathroom. Which I did. Then I put on a load of washing and folded the dry load of washing and put it away. I did the dishes, I wiped the benches and I dusted. It took me 26minutes but it made a difference to how my house looked and of course my general sanity.

Its not a huge difference! but things looked tidier and I felt a little more in control of my own life.

And the sweaty workout?

For  every thing I put away in a cupboard I did 5 squats
For every thing I picked up off the floor I did a pushup
I jogged on the spot while I folded the washing
For every adult piece of clothing I folded, I did 2 squat jumps
For every baby piece of clothing I folded, I did 2 bench push ups
each toy off the floor I put away individually so I had to walk back and forth
For every dish I put away I counted and did a plank for that long at the end.

I did 30 squats, 22 pushups, 44 jump squats, 18 bench push ups, a 48 second plank and I did 1200 steps and burnt 138 calories!

So in half an hour, I did a quick clean of my house, I did a small work out and I felt my sanity somewhat return.

Oh and a quick extra tip?

Burn a candle, it looks good, it hides the musty odours and if you have guests pop in? It make it looks like you've got your shit life together.

How do you juggle the constant demands of motherhood?

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