All about Kate

I think the best way to introduce myself is to let you know ten things about me. Probably the top ten things and these things will have a big impact in the direction of my blog. So here it goes ...

One: I'm a mother to a deliciously wonderful three year old and a delightful three month old.

Two: I'm a full time mum as well as being a full time university student, 6 more months and ill be a qualified midwife!

Three: As well as a passion for midwifery, I adore writing, I always have and this blog will be my outlet for sharing my words with the world (or the 4.5 people who will actually read it :)

Four: My partner, Mr.T is my rock! We have been together 6 years and its only because of his hard work and dedication to his family that I have the ability to go to university.

Five: I used to be a fitness fanatic, but then I realised how much I loved to relax, I hope to one day re find that dedication

Six: The one thing that gets up my nose more than anything else in the world are the mummy army that think they know what's best for every child in the world, Breast is best vs bottle is best, co sleeping vs cot sleeping. I'm a firm believer in the very best way anyone can parent, is to do what makes them comfortable and happy and leads to a happy healthy child

Seven: Since having a child I have drifted away from a lot of my closest friends, and now feel socially incapable of holding a conversation without freaking out and shouting something random like "I like cats" whenever I need to talk to someone. 

Eight: I had kids young, I love that about myself, and the proudest moments of my life so far have been entering motherhood and doing a pretty good job at it (I think)

Nine: I'm not perfect. So dont expect perfection from this blog, Im not the perfect mother or the perfect house wife, I have piles of washing that needs to be folded and some days eggs on toast works for dinner. That is something I aim to celebrate in this blog, the utter perfection of imperfection

Ten: I hope to interact with people through this blog, meet people and share my experiences! Id love to hear from you!

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