Monday, 12 October 2015

Fat shaming, its not ok!

One of my biggest issues in life is the way people treat on another! Why is it that people feel they have the right to judge other people? No body in this world is perfect and there is nothing worse than keyboard warriors hiding behind their computer screens and attacking one another.

It happens to everyone!

In the news in the past week alone I've seen two celebrities having to come out an explain their "weight" to the people of the world.

"fat shaming"
unkind and usually public criticism of someone for being overweight

This is just one example of the online bullying that is going on.

Tim Dormer, former big brother Australia winner, had to come out this week and defend himself in regards to photographs that surfaced of him at the beach
photo obtained from
Apparently the world thinks this is an unacceptable body? What exactly does the "perfect man bod" look like? A tanned, ripped, 6 pack? How unrealistic! Hand me a man who is happy and comfortable in his body, regardless of the way he looks any day! I think Tim looks fab and find it digusting he has had to even come out and speak about his body. Of course Tim being as fantastic as he is, he put a positive spin on it, telling the world how happy he is about his body and shaming the fat shamers! Go Tim, you look great!

A similar story has come out about Selena Gomez this week, as she too had to come out and defend a bikini photo of her that surfaced. She came out explaining how the comments ended up causing her to go to therapy! How is it ok for people to judge others that they have never met, about the way they look? Or the choices they make? 

Its not ok! Both Tim and Selena look incredible and are happy with the way they look! Why can't we spread words of love and positivity to one another rather than negativity and hurtfulness. It really makes me sad that I have bought two wonderful boys into this world that is surrounded by such negativity and I only hope that I'm able to bring them to a place where they can be happy within themselves, regardless of comments made by others.

This is my little soapbox for a lovely Monday afternoon! Lets share in love and positivity!

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