Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The 4pm curse

I have two wonderful, beautiful boys. They are really good kids! E is so clever, he is always learning and absolutely loves to be busy. He really is a great toddler. And O is just as relaxed, he just kicks and smiles and takes it all in...

...and then 4pm hits. What is it with the afternoon? As your trying to tie up the day, cook dinner and get organised, suddenly my children are overtaken by the devil.

They cry (alot!) E screams and throws tantrums and just generally gets up to no good. Now dont get me wrong, im well aware this is a common occurrence but wow its tough! By the time Mr.T walks through the door in a stressed out mess covered in spaghetti sauce and snot. How lucky is he?

What time do your kids hit devils hour?

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