Friday, 21 August 2015

Post night shift narcoleptic

Have any of you worked night shift?

I am currently completing my final placement before I become qualified and have decided bravely cleverly crazily to do nightshift to get them done.

The reasoning behind this was O is such a great night sleeper that its easier for Mr.T to have him while I work and then when I come home we high five at the door and he goes off to work. 

Now, this works for us and i'm only doing one shift a week at the moment so its slowly but surely getting done. The only problem is, staying awake with two small children for the day whilst Mr. T works. As previously mentioned  O is a cat napper during the day, sleeping in 20 minute intervals and E decided the day we bought O home that is was a  good idea for him to drop his day sleeps (Torture: noun, the act of inflicting pain or revenge). So I spend the day setting up quiet activities with as little mess and noise as possible.

And try to not close my eyes, even to blink, in case I can't quite open them again. 

For those who have done night shift before, you will know the delirium that comes with no sleep after 10 hours of work and the need to stay awake. E usually thinks I'm hilarious as I walk around forgetting what I'm doing and laugh histerically at him doing silly things. 

Luckily the kids are pretty good and we manage to make it through the day unscathed. And as soon as Mr.T walks through the door I breathe a sigh of relief and shut my eyes. 

Sweet sweet power naps get me through the rest of the day. Which is always dangerous with a 3 year old around. I usually wake up with a sticker somewhere, or covered in teddies and blankets. Todays sticker was for being great at making hot chocolate :)

How do you guys manage shift work and families?

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