Thursday, 11 December 2014

Pregnancy...Week 14

Week 14!

This week, I popped!

How I'm feeling?

Much better than I was 2 weeks ago that's for sure. I'm able to keep down my meals and have the energy to be able to properly interact with little E, which is amazing! This pregnancy has been much harder than my other, this is probably a mix of having a toddler to run around after and the fact my placement has called for some intense hours, all spent on my feet. But I still love it, even in the midst of regurgitating my meals and feeling awfully sorry for myself, I think about squishy growing inside me and I cant help but smile. It also helps when I have a little person there to pat my back and say
"Be happy, Mumma". Oh so many wonderful blessings!

What's Squishy up to?

This week is a wonderful week for the squish, I felt him or her (definite boy feeling) kick for the first time. Just little bubbles, but by far the most amazing bubbles i've felt! He also likes salty carbs, what a shame!
According to Baby Center this week, squishy now has he ability to frown, suck its thumb and wee! all such wonderful exciting things! 

How big is squishy?

Because everyone likes to know what size fruit or vegetable they are growing. So i'll join in the fun. This week I'm growing a lemon! 
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So happiness all around this week. Enjoying every second of this wonderful gift .

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